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Remaining bread - This raw material is almost in every bakery in a not inconsiderable amount and that, as produced himself, in the best quality. In shredded form of this raw material as Recipe ingredient many advantages. In this context, not only the caramelized aromas contained in the remainder of the bread, but also the sustainable use of food resources should be mentioned. Other advantages include oxygen-containing doughs for better machinability and better freshness thanks to optimized water absorption. Of course, one should also pay attention to the economic advantages by saving on baking agents. Surely we will not tell you anything new in this regard. We develope Solutions concerning the combination of residual bread and residual dough processing.
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Sense and benefits of residual dough processing

In the production of baked goods that have been punched out, usually larger amounts of residual dough accumulate. Again, cost and sustainability are important issues. In this regard, the goal is to recover this surplus in a clean form and feed it to the new dough. Unfortunately, this can currently only be realized in smaller quantities.

Thanks to new methods of residual dough processing, significantly larger quantities of residual dough can be returned to production. After the manufacturing process, storage takes place either in refrigerated vessel designed for this purpose, or in a cold room in containers provided for this purpose. At the moment we are in the test phase regarding the remaining dough processing of puff pastry and pizza dough.

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Processing of residual dough with our TRB systems. Preparation and subsequent provision for re-feeding into your production – The implementation takes place in a recipe-controlled work step.